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Told you I'd have more to say regarding George R.R. Martin's Dying of the Light...

This is one of his earliest works. His very earliest stuff is collected in GRRM. (I have a column coming about how one knows one's made it when one's juvenilia is reprinted en masse. This is not that column.)

I love Martin's work. Love love love. You all must read his Song of Fire and Ice books, and you all must read - well, everything. Song for Lya is one of those stories that rings true in me like a tuning fork...

Dying of the Light.... he shoots... he misses.

murnkay wrote a column recently about how difficult he finds it to read a book as a reader rather than as a writer. I usually don't have that problem - this time, I did. Because I saw what Martin was aiming for, and I saw him getting so close, and not quite getting there.

And I know how frustrating that is, as a writer. placesyouhaunt is a three-pronged story. Two of its aspects are flowing. The third... I'm running parallel to it. I can see it from here. But I'm not hitting it. Which is why I've been on a break from it.

Dying of the Light is Martin almost hitting it. And, since he's Martin, it still kicks ass. But I couldn't help but see it through my writer-glasses rather than my reader-glasses; I couldn't help but see the almost.

I need to take another look at placesyouhaunt...
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