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Writing! Again, the writing that got done is stuff that probably no one will see, but it does me good to do it - to, in the middle of brainfuckery, still be able to write, even if it's Not For Publication.

Today's? Well, given my preoccupation with sex, it's not surprising that it's sexual. It's Capri's seduction by Victor.

I've known for a while that Victor was one of Capri's first lovers - Kieran being her first - but I'm seeing a few dimensions of that now. It looks like Victor was her second. And like this is the first time she's realizing that she has an effect on men. I mean, Kieran's her best friend - they'd've played around no matter what she looked like. They adore each other. But Victor is, as docorion put it, Teh Hawtness; Capri's well aware that Victor, of all the Kirayth, can have pretty much any girl he wants...

So with her best friend having liked her no matter what, and Halloran, her big crush, not touching her, Victor gives her a little perspective on her appearance.

And the seduction is almost all verbal. Which I love. Love love love.


The bit after that, though, where she goes upstairs and finds Kieran and Halloran worried about where she's been? That's gonna be a mite awkward. Halloran will never have any great love for Victor, as we've already seen, though that's really no fault of Victor's.

EDIT: Makes for an interesting later Kieran/Victor conversation, though, as Victor is Narsani...
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