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Happy birthday to sainthuck!

Hello to new readers joy_custard, masterjim, moderate_excess, oiran, burning_bryght, stevietee, and thedigitalkuri!

Some of whom came over from theferrett, and I have to wonder if it was me criticizing flat characterization or nitpicking about kinkiness that brought y'all over...

Tingliness, weakness, exhaustion, nausea; it is just another day in the neighborhood. EDIT: Brainfucked. Visionfucked.

Stuff We Wrote
I have a new column up at TwoHeadedCat! 2HC also features lots more stuff by people I love and like, so you should go read everything.

Speaking of people I love, my kickass husband's debut column at SMRT-TV is up! Yes, he's doing columns for two sites now. We now each write two columns a month. Ph34r our house around deadline time.

Music Question
Do you find that you listen to your music louder at night than you do in the daytime? I tend to crank it up louder when I'm driving at night.

And some music is perfect for a chilly night but just Wrong for a warm spring day. Like the Revolting Cocks version of "Do Ya Think I'm Sexy".

Friending Frenzy!
The Friending Frenzy is still going strong; hie thee hence if you wish to check out new people! Looks like some of you have pimped it out in your LJs, as I don't know some of the advertisers. *laugh*

Okay. I rest a little now.
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