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Frustrating. I want to excerpt the Alanna storybit that leads up to the bit that I have to do next, but there's no way to do it cleanly.

It's harsh...

I could write all of Shayara just from Alanna's perspective, I swear. There's a horrified fascination there.

I cannot excerpt it for you, but I can sum up. Alanna has a habit of sneaking out and picking up guys. Alanna has also developed a nasty little drug habit, both on drugs that exist in this world and fictional drugs (some invented by her father). Like most addicts, Alanna has built up a tolerance. And so when she doses the guy she picks up with the fictional drug Jericho, to shut down his telepathy, and an artificial aphrodisiac to supplement her own empathic seducton, she... misjudges amounts.

Well, she doesn't the first time. But she re-doses him when, in the middle, he starts to come to his senses. Jeramie gets wind of the fact that she's brought a new toy home and goes in to interrupt... just in time to tell Alanna that she's overdosed the kid, and to tell her that she'd been particularly stupid.

One thing I will excerpt:

Jeramie glared at her – and then the heap of David’s clothing. He picked up the jacket and cursed. “Oh, you stupid bitch,” he whispered unbelievingly. She looked up at him, terrified. He threw the jacket at her, and she cringed. “He’s Kirayth, Alanna,” he growled, striding toward her. “He’s fucking Kirayth. Do you understand what that means? It means that Fenris knows now. About what you do. And about me.”

The Jericho did work - the kid was blocked, unable to communicate with Fenris or the Telenias before he died. Scene was written from his perspective, and ended with his death, at the beginning of her... discipline.

Nasty scene. Didn't like it being in my brain.

What I didn't know until this week:

Kid's body was found.

Kid was seen leaving the club the previous night with Alanna.

The scene that is pounding at my skull now is Fenris's reaction.

Which I'm almost as resistant to writing as I was the original storybit. This is Fenris, raw and pure and ragged and it will be a roar of fury. Capri is easy to write. Napalm is easy to write. Fenris's grief and rage rip my guts to ribbons.

EDIT: And I say "kid", but he's not a kid, per se, he's in his early 20s, but to Fenris, to Fenris-through-me, they're all kids, they're all too fucking young. Wow, I'm feeling curmudgeonly. Must be writing time.
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