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why do I hafta be stuck working inside when it's so beautiful outside?
Life isn't fair, princess. Anyone who tells you differently is trying to sell you something.

We don't get any cool cons up here. Should I travel for DragonCon next time around and if so, can we meet for chai or something?
You should, and yes. Be forewarned that DragonCon is kinda claustrophobia-inducing, though. I actually haven't gone the last two years because it's been just too packed, but photognome's trying to talk me into it this year...

Hummm, I'll bite. What growth did you have or what did you learn about yourself through your relationship with volta?
Ooooh. There's a lot there. That needs a whole post by itself. A lot of it was communication stuff - stuff that I thought didn't need to be specified, but did. I did a lot of mapping-of-my-brain this past year.

Who should be the next Wonder Woman?
No clue, man.

If you could have one appendage added or removed, what would it be and why? (appendage, not organ)
Hm. My left arm, I guess. I don't really use it for anything. (I type with my right forefinger only.)

OK... You have to choose, a male lover or female lover. Which do you pick?
Only one lover for the rest of my life? Eek! Male, I guess.

What place on Earth would you like to visit but have not yet?
Jeez, I've hardly been anywhere. Greece.

Should all spammers be rounded up, taken to a deserted island and nuked?
No! Poor deserted island! You'd damage its ecosystem! Just torture the spammers to death.

Who is your favorite artist, and why? Same question, but about cheese? Is that cheating?
Dude, these are unanswerable questions like favorite lovers are unanswerable questions. Everyone's so different. How can one really rate Froud over Vess or vice versa? So many artists. So many cheeses.

What's a good example of a question you'd want to smack me for asking?
I doooon't knoooow. Would you like me to just smack you whene'er we meet? :)

Did you ride a bicycle or tricycle as a little girl?
A tricycle. A bicycle with training wheels. Never got off the training wheels. I roller-skated a lot.

Is there anywhere at all that I can still buy the Shooting Star Anthology that features Shayara?

When's the next Friending Frenzy?
Want one today?

You don't mind me still reading do you? I'm still interested, you just overwealm a friends page
I don't mind at all!

Did you ever receive hubby's check for the cookies?
Not as of Wednesday. :(
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