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Jumping on this because of the last one.

I'll be in the Altanta area next week (Alpharetta) and I'm stuck eating alone- can you recommend a place to eat?
I can recommend that you come on over and have dinner with me, young lady. :)

When's the next time you're coming to NYC?
We're hoping for this summer.

*foottap* Why don't I get articles on time?
Um. Heh. Because I suck?

What movie are you looking forward to the most this year?
That would be a tie between Hitchhikers' Guide and Serenity.

How is it that you consider yourself "clean" but you drink wine? Or was that faux Merlot you once mentioned you were drinking?
And this is why I'm jumping on this and not cut-tagging and stuff:

I'm not an alcoholic. Never been one. I've only ever been drunk once in my life, and I did that deliberately just to see if I liked it. I didn't.

I know alcohol is considered a drug. Some people also consider caffiene a drug, but I toss down a cup or two of coffee a day and still consider myself clean, despite the fact that my drug of choice was methamphetamine.

Anyway. My alcohol intake is pretty much limited to a glass of merlot or shiraz once a month or so at an Italian restaraunt - and my neurologist says I'm cleared for a glass of wine with dinner two or three times a week. So I don't consider this level of alcohol intake to be any sort of problem, either to sobriety (since I've never been addicted) or to neurology (the question's been asked before).
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