Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

You got questions, I got answers!

What happened between you and [person]?
Long story that I'll answer via e-mail. I promise!

Are you mad at me for being a month late mailing your birthday present? ;)
Not at all! That means I get to stretch out being the birthday princess for even longer!

Tastes like chicken.

What goddess do you most identify with?
Hm. The answer that popped into my head as I read this? Inanna. I did a symbolic Inanna's Descent not long ago, and clearly, I need to read more about her, if this is still in my head.

How do you feel?
With my fingers, generally. No, seriously - usually I'm very tired. The "very tired" tends to eclipse most everything else.

What does Elayna currently want to be when (or if) she grows up? :)
A teacher, a doctor, a rock star, a scientist, a doctor, a mom - there are two other things, but I forgot. I'll ask her when I get home.

When should I be expecting my cookies? I'm going through thin mint withdrawal here. ;)
Shipped them Parcel Post on Monday. I apologize for the delay - I suck. :(

Is my comic ever going to arrive?
Dude, I hope so! Seriously, contact Westfield.

Why did writing in comic book form appeal to you (as opposed to novel/poem/short story/etc.)?
Mmm. Seeing m0usegrrl's art. Shayara's always felt very cinematic to me, and when X'Ana said that she liked drawing comics.... muahahaha! Prior to meeting her, it existed in novel & short story form. The other things I write are all in novel & short story form; Shayara's the only comic. And not all of Shayara comes out in comic form.

Where, geographically, does your heart reside?
My usual answer is that it resides in story. I don't have a physical home like most people do, like [Unknown LJ tag]'s New York. But strangely, an answer came to my lips as I read your question, and that answer was Woods Hole, Massachusetts.

Have you started getting together a group to see Hitchhiker's Guide?
Nope - I'm going to be in Boston the weekend it comes out, but I won't see it without Adam. So he and I are going to go see it the Tuesday after my return, while Miss Kid's in Drama Club. :)

Do you consider youself to be gifted?
Yup. That's what the tests say.

what one thing in the world makes you happiest
Being loved. :)

Who is your best lover (feel free to divide between M & F)? Best Dom?
Dude. That is so totally an unanswerable question! Want to ask another?

Best animal companion for a writer: cat or dog?

Is there a way to heal a broken heart faster?
I wish. :( *snuggles you*

Do you remember me?
Of course, hon...

Did that weird out-of-control weight loss thing that was a medication side effect stabilize itself finally? Because I'm kind of going through the same thing myself.
Yeek! It kinda stabilized, yeah. I'm currently at 91, and eating all I can to keep myself at 91. I say kinda simply because I personally feel that with this sort of food intake, I ought to be gaining weight, and I'm not.

What the air-speed velocity of a two-ppound swallow bearing a five-pound coconut?
African or European?

Do you think I am crazy?
Insufficient data. Do you think you're crazy?

You seem pretty fearless, what is the one thing that scares you most?
I do? Hm. Scariest thing: Something bad happening to Elayna.

are you afraid your medical condition will end your life sooner than you would like? And do you pretent to be better than you sometimes are to prevent your friends from worrying about you?
Hey, that's two questions! Cheater!
* I try not to think about that, but yeah. Statistics show that the chances of me just dropping dead out of the blue one day are 2 to 3 times higher than that of the general population. Well. Y'know what Isaac Asimov said when asked what he would do if told that he had only a month to live? "Write faster."
* Kinda, yeah. Not to throw people off the mark - but it's just my default response to act like I feel better than I do. Has been since childhood. So the only people who really have an accurate sense of my physical condition are the people who are around me for extended periods of time - long enough that I can't manage the "don't worry about me" thing anymore. Adam. My parents. docorion.

What's your favorite activity besides writing?
Snuggling. :)

Want to get lunch next week instead? I'm pretty stressed with lots of out-of-towners coming in this weekend.

Who is Chris Haas?
A robot moose.

What do you find to be a successful method for relieving overwhelming stress? (Sex doesn't count as an answer to this. ;p )

How many pairs of blue jeans do you own?
Hrm. Four or five, I think?

Do you have the same thing with certain types of pens and notebooks as I do? Like, a picky-picky thing?
Pens, yes. Notebooks, not so much, because I get them as gifts. I like spiral notebooks best, though, because they lie flat and I can use every little bit of space. :)

Because I'm the mom and I said so.

How can you pack so much hotness in such a little package?
A shoehorn. The kind with teeth.

Any luck finding [mutual friend]?
I haven't actually been looking...

Have you ever gone swimming in Lake Mead?
Like 13 years ago, yah. You?

In the likely event of a full scale planetary invasion by giant alien ants, will you bow to our new overlords?
Mmmm, no. I'll be seeking something in the way of an executive administrative position with them. You?

What is your name? What is your quest? What is your favorite color?
Shadesong. To find the Holy Grail. Purple - no, no, green - nooo, aaaaagh.....

Why did you originally start writing a livejournal?
I'd semirecently moved from Florida to Atlanta; my Florida friends complained that they didn't know what was going on in my life anymore. So! Now everyone knows everything that's going on in my life. *laugh*

Will I get a good job this summer?
*shake-a shake-a* Signs point to yes.

What's it mean when you want to be dominated, but not made to DO stuff, just controlled?
Mmm. That's some of what I was looking for from M/s.

Have you gone bald in recent memory?

What do you love in other people?
*thinks* Their capacity to love other people. Does that make sense?

Ever get the feeling the universe is laughing at you?
Heh. What priestess doesn't? *wry smile*

Dude. Chill out. Here, have a taco. I use Macs because they are shiny. They do everything I want them to do just by me clicking the little button. I'm sure Linux is great. Everyone who uses Linux says Linux is great. But my Mac is also great, so I see no reason to switch.

I've seen welts, but have you ever been flogged to the point of bloodshed?

Your ideal poly situation? What does it look like, in one image?
The scene I described the other day was pretty ideal, the one of docorion cooking dinner while Elayna did homework at the dining room table and yendi and docorion and I noshed on mushrooms and talked about Hugo nominees.

What kind of question should I ask?
That was fine.

What's with asking people to tell you a secret?
I just like to see what comes out.

Is it completely futile to want to meet you IRL?

How did you get into comics (both reading and writing)?
Reading: I had a friend in elementary school who got me started on a DC chick-comic, Amethyst: Princess of Gemworld. *laugh* Writing: See above.... got started in response to seeing m0usegrrl's fabulous art. :)

Why do I fall for women like you so readily?
Because you are weird. :P

How do you cope when you are so ill that it feels like you will never get any better? I need a clue...
I rant like a madwoman, I sulk like a little kid.... and that helps. Trying to be a model patient will kill you. Don't try to be a saint. It's NOT fair. It's okay to scream and stomp your feet. That helps me, anyway.

Wouldn't it be COOL to be featured on I mean, think about it. That is my new goal in life.
Vas ist? Is that worksafe? Must check that out.

I'll admit that I'm puzzled by your living situation. I'm reading your blog from the start so I haven't quite caught up on everything yet. Does your husband mind you being intimate with other men?
He used to mind. He is cool with it now. I am actually surprised that he's as cool with it as he is. So is he.

When are you going to update *glowers at you*
I dunno, man. What do you want there?

I was thinking about your problems with meds, and was wondering if your doc knows about your past drug use? I know it's a personal question but that might have an effect on what's happening in your body.
Huh. I don't remember if I've told her. I should tell and/or remind her. Thanks!

Ask me more!
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