Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

Walking on Water

Walking on Water is almost ready to be submitted for publication. It's a string of vignettes. It just needs to be shuffled into whatever order I decide to put it in, and have whatever other vignettes I decide need to be included written and added in.

The problem is that it's a memoir of Vegas, meaning it's largely a sex and drug memoir.

The problem? Adam's mom.

My mom knows this shit. My dad won't be altogether surprised that I was a junkie - he visited me in Vegas two days after the rape. He saw me at 78 pounds. You don't get to be 78 pounds without chemical assistance. Plus I don't trust Mom not to've told him.

My birthfamily? My birthmom has made cryptic references to having been a "wild child". Plus, they're kind and forgiving people in general.

Which isn't to say that Adam's mom isn't. It's just that I barely know her. And Adam has no idea how she'll react.

I never thought this would be the first thing out of me; I never thought it would be something I'd write about at all. I guess it's something I'm writing to keep Layne and the rest of them alive, in a way.

Always figured Shayara would be first. And yes, it still is. Reminding self of this. :) Just - never thought I'd be writing nonfiction. Never thought I'd have an interesting life. *laugh*

But this is first just because it's nearest completion. And who knows? Places You Haunt or Ondine may beat it. The Shayara graphic novel may beat it, even. But I'm going to get it out there and start submitting it first.

Just, wow. Poor Adam's mom. Must remind her that I'm 10 years clean...

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