Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

The continuing saga of my borderline glaucoma

Okay! I have been poked and prodded and eyedropped and dilated and photographed and had all sorts of things done to my poor poor eyes.

So. Story is this:

My eye pressure is up by three points in one eye, two in the other.

However, I'm not immediately at risk for the specific kind of glaucoma that Topamax causes. Because Topamax causes a very specific kind: angle-closure glaucoma. What I'm borderline for is open-angle glaucoma, which is Different.

Yeah, I just nodded and smiled, too.

She says that the pain would be a lot worse if I was developing angle-closure, and the pressure would shoot up - it'd be up by 40 (I think) points, not 3. But she'd feel more comfortable, seeing as my eye pressure is borderline and growing, if I wasn't on Topamax. Acknowledging, of course, that she's not my neurologist, but y'know, if I could do okay on another drug that's not going to raise my eye pressure three points in just a few weeks, that would be cool.

I did see her fairly recently, just a few months ago. So. She had a recent reference point.

She also took a reading of my corneal thickness. I have thick corneas. Which is apparently A Good Thing, as thick corneas can withstand more eye pressure. Go me!

I'm going in for another Humphries Visual Field Test next week. Flashy lights all over! Woo! This will be more definitive.

I s'pose I'll go leave voicemail for my neurologist now.
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