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How does one define being a real writer, a professional writer, etc?

I'm a writer. Writing is what I do. Writing is in my blood and bone. I've been doing it since I could hold a pencil, and I'd do it even if I never got a penny for it. It isn't about that. It's about the worlds inside my head, and showing them to you.

And am I going to get a little money for my Shayara thing? Wee bit. Lunch and chai money. Hardly matters. Does that make me a professional writer? Technically, yes. Technically, by those standards, I've been one for years, since I was selling Shayara chapbooks at MegaCon 2002. But this feels a lot more real, because it was actually solicited through Diamond and can be purchased in stores and not just through me.

But my brain gets itchy when I'm referred to as a professional writer. liveforlyfe did so at manifestress's writing group two weeks ago, and snesgirl did so yesterday, and even though, by that standard, it is true, I backpedal - not really, not really!

And I wonder.

I mean, when I get the Shayara graphic novel out. I'll feel like a professional writer then. Right?

Will I?

I hope I will.

How many short stories will it take? Novels? If Walking on Water comes out first, will I feel like a professional writer? Or will I not, because that's nonfiction?

I wonder where that line actually is in my brain.

I've said before that 2005 is the year of Shit or Get Off the Pot. It is time to make a determination. I have enough Walking on Water material already written to fill a book. manifestress says that she actually assumed that that's what was coming out of me first.

So we'll see. I'll take a look at that and at Ondine, at Places We Haunt, at Maggie's story. I'm telling the neurologist that I'm going off the Topamax and staying on the Trileptal, because out of all four medications, it fucks with my writerbrain the least. I have shit to do.

Mmm. Work calls. More later.
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