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Happy birthday to yashara!

Hello to new reader runwithscissors!

Dizzy, eyes hurt, nauseous, brain weird. EDIT: Slurred speech.

I talked to docorion about the medical stuff a bit yesterday. Not because he's a doctor. Because he didn't meet me online til about eight months after the initial diagnosis; when he met me, a lot of the medication damage had already been done. He and I didn't really start talking til about a year post-diagnosis. So. "This is what it was like." Et cetera.

So much of this weekend just curled up talking. Being Tangent Lass. Just talking, talking about the most random things. His childhood, my childhood. Little memorybombs. Weird.

In between the sex, of course. Mmmm. Sex. :) (If you are in my sexfilter, you will find that there is a sexfilter post.)

I Hate LDRs.
He leaves today.

He was going to leave this morning. That's been revised, because shoving me off to work then taking off = not ideal. Need time for a proper goodbye or, as manifestress would say, To Be Continued. So. After work, then.

'Tisn't right.

He fits in my world. He made dinner last night; mushrooms were done first, and he and Adam and I passed them around in a green bowl and snacked on them whilst sniping about what a hack China Mieville is, and that, that is home. Felt right. I want that again tonight. And I can't have it.

Joy of polyamory is that your heart can swell to encompass so many people.

Hell of it is that the heart never learned a damn thing about geography...
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