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Hello to new reader indrani_prime!

Face owie, a little stumbley, brain weird.

Surprise, surprise...
Saw my parents off last night and received a phone call from docorion.

Telling me he was in Atlanta.

Me: "Oh. Oh. Come here. I know I was supposed to meet you at the door in a skirt, and I'm not all sexed up, and you're all mussed from travel, but nothing ever happens the way we plan it anyway, and I can't be here and know you're here and not see you - I need to snuggle you. I need to see you..."

So half a day off schedule, all sceneing plans thrown to the wind, he showed up at my door...

It's a measure of my exhaustion that I actually slept last night.

This is good.

Random Shayara Thing
For Shayara fans - zarhooie, my #1 fangirl, had too much time on her hands. She made icons based on the Houses as represented in the chapbook on the website. They're here if you want them. They are nifty. Thank you, honey. :) EDIT: Oh, apparently the last one is animated! Cooooool. :) EDIT: Imma use it now.

I should have a Shayara icon contest, except that it would be impossible for me to judge, because I am giggly-flattered whenever anybody makes a Shayara icon.

That is all for now.
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