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Writerbrain Deconstruction

When I write, I zen out. I know what's going to happen in my story. I know the tentpole events, so to speak. I pretty much know how we get there. I say "pretty much" because I do have everything planned, but sometimes the story twists unexpectedly in my hands. Sometimes it surprises me. It always works out better than it would have.... it would have been fine as I planned it, but the zen-out method makes it organic.

So yes. I zen out when I write, but I'm also hyperanalytical. So I follow up the zenout with, in my own mind, "Hmm. Why did that happen? Why did they have that conversation there? Why didn't she tell him what she was supposed to tell him yet?"

So last night I wrote a continuation of this; I wrote about them actually arriving at the Library.

I don't know that I can do the actual arrival justice in prose alone. It needs to be very jump-cutty. Probably the device of the broken glass again. The way I wrote it last night was absolute shite; I wasn't in my proper headspace yet, and I was forcing it.

Positioning of people, examination thereof: Tessa can't lift Julia. She's got about 6 inches on her and a corresponding amount of weight, but Julia's struggling. It's Adam who scoops her up. I was surprised that Johnathan moved in to help Tessa. He usually hangs back so much - the plan would really have been for him to tag along behind everyone, but he caught her elbow, kept her in contact with Julia, helped her down the stairs.

Napalm going automatically to Lyric's side was no surprise.

The fact that it wasn't Lyric in the body just then was.... not entirely a surprise. I'm not done writing that day yet, so I don't know what that's going to mean for them. The fact that that's not Lyric didn't get mentioned in what I wrote last night because the scene is so tight-focused on Julia, by necessity; another advantage of the comic is that I could maintain that focus on Julia, yet still have it clear to anyone who's looking at Lyric that there's someone else in there. Benefit for re-reading, too.

I'd intended for the big reveal to take place in the foyer of the Library for dramatic effect. Huge polished marble hall, spiral staircases on either side, chandelier...

So I was surprised when John (Donna's assistant) let them in and motioned them downstairs.

Until, well, duh. Second-strongest-shielded location in the city is the basement of the Library. (Strongest is the Castle. Which they don't have access to.) Possible strongest-empath-alive freaking out. So yeah. Duh. And she starts calming as they bring her down there.

Still had Donna flying down the stairs so fast that she was practically catching air at the corners, though. :) And once I got her there, I think the scene found its voice.
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