Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

*decisive nod*

I spoke to the person at the Girl Scout Council who's in charge of complaints. Listed off what's been going on. She was very interested in several points. I took care to emphasize

* The harassment in general
* The entrapment aspects of Sunday - the lie about the co-leader being "on her way" - the fact that the troop leader knew that I had had a seizure, etc.
* The lack of supervision of the Junior Girl Scouts on the major road on Saturday
* The "talking-to", and terming of my physical limitations as "excuses"... the Girl Scouts, as an organization, kinda frown on that.
* The twice-in-a-row denial of the Father-Daughter Dance
* The fact that my daughter is one of only two white girls (and the other one only joined in January) and the only Jewish girl in the troop. That casually, because I don't think this is a deliberate act of racism. It may be subconscious, though.

Et cetera.

The person's recommendation was that I go ahead and deposit the money in the current troop's account to make for easier bookkeeping. It will be moved when Elayna moves troops - they've done this before. She's going to get the information on the new troop and give the new troop leader my contact info, sort out the safety-regulations stuff from the harassment stuff, and speak to the service unit director.

It feels good to get some results here.
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