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Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong


Okay. Here's the situation as it stands, to the best of my knowledge....

After people said last week that the store didn't have the comic, I e-mailed my editor.

Editor: "Printer problem - they should be in stores in two weeks."
Me: "Umokay. But Westfield said they shipped them."

Which left us with:

a) The printer finished some and sent out the biggest order - Westfield - first, or
b) Westfield is on crack.

gwynraven and whitecrow0 have now received e-mails from Westfield telling them that it's backordered. So it was b). Which is good to know, simply because now all of the data agrees.

So! All of the current data points to the comic coming out next Wednesday. More updates as soon as they have them, of course.

Other news: the school supply store didn't have much, but they did have some pretty cool posters, so at least we have wall art for the party.

Tonight, we pack up more cookies and wrap kid-gifts. And I go to bed early. Still just wiped out.

EDIT: Holy crap, man. unwilly posted, so I checked, and yep, it's on the ship list for this week.

It's a good thing I have way too much on my mind to wig out about this. Elayna's birthday, her party, my parents' visit, my neuro stuff, Girl Scout stuff, docorion's visit, my wife to kill, Guilder to frame for it - I'm swamped.
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