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Happy early birthday to aussie_nyc and penmage, who both advance a year over the weekend!

Medical, me
Exhausted and scatterheaded. Losing the spelling of words.

Medical, not me
Kristi made it through her surgery; it is now a waiting game.

I know. Not my family. I'm just so incensed by what she's had to go through that all of my mama-wolf instincts have been activated...

I'm timestuck on the creation of the Kirayth. Interesting. I mean, this is stuff that you readers of the comic will never even see... but I live here.

Does that make sense?

Missing DocOrion
docorion is only one state away now. We talk to each other every day. We miss each other dreadfully.

We both know that he could be here tomorrow.

But Elayna's birthday is Tuesday, and if he was here, she wouldn't have 100% of my focus. And if he was here next weekend, what's between us would be so obvious that I would have to have The Poly Talk with my parents....

And I'm not doing well, physically, and I have so much on my plate. I can't have The Poly Talk now. I will someday. I can't now. I'm barely up to throwing the kid a birthday party in my present condition.

But I want docorion. I miss him. So much. And oh, it is very mutual. But we both know that we have to wait.

Periwinkle turtleneck, purple "I hate everything panties", jeans, bathing-beauty socks.

Clade, by Mark Budz. Really enjoying it thus far.

Oh goodness gracious. Have to go to the Girl Scout store this afternoon to get everything I need to make her sash all official.
Saturday: Car Wash at the Park at Briarcliff Apartments to benefit her troop! Come on down!
Sunday afternoon: Selling Girl Scout cookies in front of the Toco Hills Kroger! Come on down!

And we may be the only family doing that booth sale, and if so, I'll be livid, because I told this troop leader that I'm not physically capable of doing this All By Myself for 4 hours. But last I heard, she hasn't signed anyone else up for that day and time.

Please come and buy lots of cookies from us so we can go home.
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