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The Fall

This icon is an image from the pages of our story in Shooting Star, an image from the Fall.

I keep reiterating that you don't know what the Fall was. The reason I keep reiterating this is because you might be tempted to assume, based on the visuals you get, based on the storybit you just read (if you read it). Those are but parts.

War is terrible.

What they did was orders of magnitude beyond terrible.

You don't condemn a race to death - which is essentially what the gods did to the Dasaroi by revoking their immortality and reducing their powers to this extent - just for discovering war. War is terrible. Rape is terrible. Murder is terrible.

All of these things are horrible, and combined, they are exponentially horrible.

There are things that are worse.

And I won't tell you. There are spoilers that I'll reveal (behind cut-tags, of course), but the Fall isn't one of them. That, no one gets. I don't think Adam knows that one. I'm not sure X'Ana does. That one is revealed in dribs and drabs throughout the series, and you don't even start getting clues for at least a year.

Only two characters know. And one of them - hell, possibly both - is not who you think it is.

This is what you need to know: They Fell, and they died. And they are reincarnated now, throughout long centuries. The gods have turned their faces from them and gone from companion to memory. The Dasaroi have built a city with high walls and mental barriers and named it Lishaya'ra; the name will gently corrupt over time to "Shayara".

Over time, they grow curious about the world beyond their city. They wander among the humans. Over time, many forget who and what they are...
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