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I was trying to think of what to do for some kind of special Shayara treat for y'all today. I was too exhausted yesterday to write. Which would, of course, have been my first choice.

It occurred to me in the car.

My music!

My Shayara playlist is woefully incomplete and behind the times. I have tons of playlists for the characters - stuff for Fenris to fight to, Capri to dance to, words for Lyric and beats for Ryan. But these songs are the songs of Shayara itself. In alphabetical order...

I was going to do links and annotations, but then I saw that there were 47 songs here, and I said y'know... not right this second. *laugh* What I will do, since just writing the titles was sparking little things in my brain, is provide links to lyrics, annotations, and perhaps little fictionbits as they occur to me throughout the day.

Here is a little piece of my city.

"Ambient Raspberry Swirl", Tori Amos"
"Anything (Viva!)", Scraping Foetus Off the Wheel
"Black Friday Rule", Flogging Molly
"Bullet in a Gun", Paul Oakenfold
"Burning Inside", Ministry
"Convulsion", Skinny Puppy
"Delilah", Flogging Molly
"Drunken Lullabies", Flogging Molly
"Forever Young", Alphaville
"Galileo", Indigo Girls
"Head", Die Warzau
"Heaven", Warrant
"Holding Out for a Hero", Jennifer Saunders
"Holding Out for a Hero", Frou Frou
"Ich Bin Ein Auslander", Pop Will Eat Itself
"If I Ever Leave This World Alive", Flogging Molly
"Killing Game", Skinny Puppy
"Lost", Stabbing Westward
"May the Living Be Dead in Our Wake", Flogging Molly
"Modern Crusaders", Enigma
"Morpheus Laughing", Skinny Puppy
"Neverland", Skold
"No One Lives Forever", Oingo Boingo
"Paulina", The Hippos
"Raspberry Swirl", Tori Amos
"Rebels of the Sacred Heart", Flogging Molly
"Ride the Wind", Poison
"Ruby Soho", Rancid
"Shame", Stabbing Westward
"She Is Beautiful", Andrew WK
"Sleep", Stabbing Westward
"Smothered Hope", Skinny Puppy
"Sweetest Perfection", Depeche Mode
"The Abbess", Kristin Sweetland
"The Boxer", Carbon Leaf
"The Gauntlet", Dropkick Murphys
"The Kilburn High Road", Flogging Molly
"Touched", Vast
"Two Step", Dave Matthews Band
"Ungod", Stabbing Westward
"We Shall Come Home", Oysterband
"What Do I Have To Do?", Stabbing Westward
"What's Left of the Flag", Flogging Molly
"Why", Stabbing Westward
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