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My afternoon = lunch at Taquiera de Sol with the Manifestress manifestress, followed by JavaMonkey, where I talked to my Barista Crush.

Today I had the courage to stammer out something along the lines of "Umm I feel stupid because I come here All The Time and I don't actually know your name, I mean I know you, but I do not actually know your name, and hi! I'm 'song."

And I do know him and he knows me, because he remembers to make my chai without foam. But now I know his name.

I am so shy. No one who reads me believes that, but I seriously am. But! I talked to my Barista Crush today, and he said that it was very nice to be formally introduced.

Since I'm going off on a shyness tangent.... the first time I saw docorion... well, he saw me. I was perusing the freebie tables, and he says his thought process was along the lines of "very small person + collar + Hello Kitty-style Klingon shirt must = Shadesong", and he greeted me thusly, and lo, it was me.

So we went out to Finale, as he needed dinner and I was quite happy to partake of dessert. And I was so unable to speak. Because aaaagh, cute guy, smart guy, guy I've been crushing on via e-mail for months and OMG he's right there and he probably thinks I'm an idiot. And he says his thought process then was something along the lines of "She's so quiet, and she's just darting little looks up at me. Does she not like me? But she's not leaving the table... and she just blushed.


"She likes me."

So there you have it. If I like you, I'll talk your ear off. If I like you like you, as we said in fifth grade, I will be completely unable to talk to you. Until mutual interest is established, at which point I'll talk your ear off. To which poor dear docorion can attest.
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