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Happy birthday to another distant soul-cousin, tisiphonemoon!

Hello to new readers chokokat, jaded_dreamer, evilmike, kgb1138, and mud_puppy!

Vision weird, mega exhaustion, nausea, scatterbrained, etc.; tongue and face extra tingly. In other words, the usual. Have I mentioned that I need to stay on the same level of Trileptal for a month as I increase the Topamax?

So far, the only discernable effect of the Topamax is the additional exhaustion and scatterbrainedness, but I've only been taking it at night so far. We shall see, my droogies.

If you don't read over the weekend: Girl Scout Cookies are in! Pick them up from me if you're local. PayPal me if you're not, including estimated shipping - USPS or UPS. We're going to ship UPS because it's way easier for us, but we're not going to charge you extra for that, and if you Bostonians are willing to get your cookies bulk-shipped to docorion and beowabbit's house for late-April party pickup (you still have to pay in March), I will pay your shipping, because you will be making my life easier. This is what you bought. *mwah*

Teh Drama! Teh Scandal! No, I am not using the stupid thing. My posts are illegally archived by les pathetiques. More here.

Yes, I'm repeating myself; some people don't read over the weekend. :)

I keep forgetting that I can't do stuff like roller derby (saw cute rollergirls last night, was tempted to join up). I don't know why. My body has been variable for a long time. My self-esteem, I guess, just can't get used to the inability to do things. I can be okay with that.

Note To Self
New Music-Gathering Project</b>
I need to actually gather up all of the cool science songs for Elayna's party (new kids - Elayna's having a Mad Science birthday party). Those have to be sent to yendi. And I have to order the remainder of her gifts - the learning-Latin cassettes and electricity experiment kit - today.
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