Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

Sooooo tired.....

Moving slowly today. Very out of spoons. Very pleased, though. Last night was my first big social event since July, I think - first one I've hosted - so it was a bit nervous-making. And I got a wee bit overstimulated, but dealt just fine.

I need to see all of y'all one-on-one. Or two-on-one. Mmmm, two-on-one. Heh. Fun as parties are, this doesn't allow a lot of individual hanging-out time, and I've been so thoroughly cocooned for so long that I need to practice getting back to full functionality, I think!

But! Last night. Much fun, with the people and the Krispy Kremes and the cake and the cuddling...

And I promised a list of who was there, so you can all add each other, so in order of arrival, this is who was there: yendi and I live here. :) Then gwynraven and museumfreak, enchant, ewin, terracinque, static_eddie and evilmike, sibylla and kaliwohi, katfireblade, vanuslux, and wyspurr, bheansidhe and shaddragon, photognome, cyber_pagan, satia, and LJless Rob. *nod* Was that everyone? I have brain damage. Forgive me if I missed anyone.

The only item left behind - a cute "US Army" purse. wyspurr, I think that's yours....

I really need to write about the cocooning thing. My thoughts on it aren't fully-formed, and I think that's ampering my ability to write this post. Interesting.

Also, my exhaustion is probably hampering my ability to write this post. *laugh* Didn't go to bed til 3:30. docorion is so going to spank me for that; my official bedtime is 11. But it was a special occasion!

It was wonderful to see everyone, but in particular - there has been a sibylla-shaped hole in Atlanta, these last few months. Hugging her last night very much brought that home. I missed my Nearly Wild Rose.

And I'm too shleepy to write anything else!

Girl Scout Cookies! People who ordered: This is what you ordered. $3.50 a box. If I'm shipping your cookies, estimate shipping and include that in your PayPal (EDIT: PayPal to alipkin AT with your LJ name, legal name, and mailing address). If I'm shipping in bulk to Boston to be delivered April 30, I will pay your shipping.
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