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Timelining Shayara.

From the beginning.... and I need to add to this, and keep it in detail.

I have it all in my head, and I don't know that I'm very good at keeping it straight for you guys.

And I'll likely do one of these with and one without spoilers. I already made irana almost-cry by showing her the death of her favorite character. Oops!

So this post is a marker. I'll continue on it when I get home. Leaving-for-appointment time snuck up on me.

EDIT: Okay. Here we go.

In the Beginning
The gods created their first child, Tiala na'Roth. After long years of studying her, they began to create more beings, with Tiala's help - first the Talthar Kithrayna, and then the rest of the Dasaroi.

The Dasaroi are humanoid - nigh-indistinguishable from humans. They were immortal, though, and gifted with abilities that we would term psychic, from empathy to telekinesis, and far beyond. The original Talthar Kithrayna were created as potential archetypes, representatives of seven Houses - each the leader - Kithrayn (m) or Kithraya (f) of their House. Many later-born Dasaroi are of the original seven Houses, but many are members of other, lesser Houses.

The Dasaroi, led by Tiala, their Lishaya, existed in peace for centuries.

No peace lasts forever.

Very few Dasaroi remember what transpired during the Fall. Those who do, don't speak of it. And no, even you, dear readers, still have no clue. :)

After the Fall, Tiala stood before her gods - her parents. Appalled at what their children had done to each other and to their world had done, they revoked the immortality of the Dasaroi and stripped them of the greater part of their abilities. Tiala begged for death and received it, but also received the new gift of her people - reincarnation.

The gods turned their faces from the Dasaroi, and they learned how to live without their greatly reduced powers. As time went on, another form of sentient life began to appear.


The Dasaroi drew together and began to enclose their home. A circle around the grove that they had been born in, and a circle around their town. A stone wall, high and forbidding. They created the first city.

They called it Lishaya'ra - the home of the Lishaya, and of her people.

Several Hundred Years Later...
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