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Happy birthday to enchant and hookncrook!

Hello to new readers atl_boy, the_colombian, and zephre!

Really weird night last night, in some borderline hallucinatory ways. Very unpleasant. *shiver*

Today, I'm okay (and back at work), with the usual nausea, exhaustion, thick tongue, tingly face. EDIT: Mild confusion. Some loss of coordination.

Marker: I am on 450mgAM/600mgPM of Trileptal. *firm nod*

Sale Progress
Everything is laundered. Many things are hung. Nothing is yet tagged, as I wish to examine all potential sale items in broad daylight to make sure nothing is stained. Also, I need more hangers.

My Birthday
I am now 2/3 of the way to having a corset! Please throw a couple of bucks my way if you would like to help with my birthday gift. Thanks! :)

My birthday is the day after tomorrow! *squee!*

Boston Tea Party
Bostonians and those from surrounding areas: Is April 30 a good day for my party there? It seems to be the earliest I can get there...

More Important Ways To Spend Your Money, Actually
wiseheron is trying to get a fund together to leave her abusive husband. All corset fun aside, if you can only donate to one thing, donate to her.

Why I Talk More About docorion Than About Other Partners
Because, whereas some of my partners have been very private people, docorion is a self-described Media Slut. :)

"When I awoke the next morning...."
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