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I have a love/hate relationship with the Glenn School Consignment Sale. (Biggest consignment sale in the Southeast, kid stuff only, etc.)

* Because it makes us money. About $60, the first (and only, so far) time we did it, and that was just grabbing a few handfuls of Elayna's outgrown clothes and bringing them in. And this year we have much, much more...
* Because we get lots of cool clothes on the cheap - including many dresses. Elayna. Loves. Dresses.

* Because y'know those big Rubbermaid totes? The really big ones? I have about 2 1/2 totes' worth of clothing to wash, hang, and tag with my seller code, the size, and, in some cases, selling points ("Lilly Pulitzer!" "Never worn!" "Complete Girl Scout Uniform!").

Dropoff starts tomorrow morning. I may get some of it done tonight, but I'm not pushing myself; I'm running on two hours' sleep, and I've been nodding off all damn day. I'll do what I can, and I'll do the rest tomorrow afternoon. I would have been working on it all day today, had I gotten home at 8:30, as scheduled. But no. 1:00ish.

Washing them, incidentally, because I noticed that many pieces were wrinkled. Then I noticed that a few had cat hairs. So I figure they'll all appear even more attractive all fresh and unwrinkly with the scent of linen-fresh fabric softener.

I seriously need to find a babysitter for Thursday night so Adam and I can both go to the pre-sale (seller perk). (EDIT: Adam doesn't care. So I go.) They do not allow children at the pre-sale. Or on the first morning of the actual sale. Because the buyers are frekin' berserk. If you go, bring a laundry basket - so you can throw everything you might want to buy into it and keep running, and decide later. Because if you hesitate, your dream dress will be gone daddy gone.

How is this my world now?

I mean, it's not my only world. Just got back from a punk show, after all. But still. Having a kickass kid? Sure, great. Tips for elbowing aside hausfraus at a church sale? Didn't need that in my brain. *sigh*

So yeah. That will be my tonight and tomorrow. I am so exciting. 750+ of you read me why, exactly?
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