Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

Three good things

Working on cleaning out my spare closet....

* I found the Dasaroi Concordance! Whee! I thought I'd lost it in the move, I really did - actually, I'd misplaced it before the move, and expected it to turn up, but it never did, and lo! I was distraught. See, this is the hy00ge binder that contains everything about this series, from the history of individual stores in Shayara to deconstruction of their language to over 150 individual character sheets. And this is version 2.0 of it. 1.0 was stolen from my car back at my old place of work in Florida. Speaking of which...

* Having cleaned out exactly one-half of the closet, I was able to hang up my old work clothes from Florida. One of the things I like about this job is that I get to wear jeans to work - all hail academia! But the suits and dresses were quite the flashback. I have extreme job nostalgia. I would never have left my old job for anything other than this, a move to a completely different state.

* docorion makes me happy. I am what he wants in a woman. To wit (reprinted from e-mail with permission):

It seems to still come down to the fact that you are fierce... That you will fight for yourself, or for things or people you care about...If you fall down, or get knocked over, instead of railing about the injustice of it all*, you just get up. If it happens again, you get up again. That takes mental toughness of a sort I find rare, and respect a really, really lot.

That is what I want close to me. The girl who can do that. (Well, and also the girl who makes me all quivery when I look at her, and who shivers when I touch her, and melts against me with a sigh which just goes right *into* me and curls up in me like a purring cat. And the girl who wants me; wants me to spank her, flog her, fuck her hard, and make her beg to come for at least a little bit before I let her. And the girl who comes for me).

(*I pointed out that I do do a fair bit of railing.)
(**farren is like unto a baby brother to me. If he sees anything raunchy regarding me, he will run around the room screaming "My eyes! My eyes!", and I wish to spare his lovely wife, morenasangre.)
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