Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

Ten Things I've Done That You Probably Haven't

A lot of these will likely be teen-rebellion things and Vegas things...

1. Spent six months in the Utah desert eating nothing but oatmeal, rice-and-lentils, raisins, and sunflower seeds.
2. Staged several riots in an adolescent psychiatric ward.
3. Baked cookies for Rancid.
4. Been an exotic dancer - I can't really say "stripper", because we didn't take anything off, we just weren't wearing much to begin with - and been tipped $50 by Henry Winkler. Thanks, Fonzie!
5. Been drawn by Brain Michael Bendis.
6. Fallen out of a pickup truck going at least 35 mph.
7. Had my picture taken by Hal Clement.
8. Been asked to score pot for the bride's mother as part of my maid-of-honor duties. (I didn't do it.)
9. Been the Eve figure of a psychic/martial arts cult (first husband, long story).
10. Been in the same room as someone who wanted to kill my boyfriend and didn't know that I was his girlfriend. For two hours. (Yes, this was Vegas. And yes, this was a person who really had killed people before.)

I know there are more, but I'm insufficiently caffienated. And feeling puny, as sibylla would say. I'll likely put more up later, because I know I've done some highly unusual things; I just have trouble separating them out from "normal" things.

Things that Elayna has done that you probably haven't:

1. Been cuddled and sung to by Tori Amos, while dressed as a faerie ("Happy Phantom").
2. Been called adorable by Clive Barker.
3. Interrupted a Neil Gaiman reading - in the funniest way imaginable.
4. Played rock-paper-scissors with Harlan Ellison.

I'll likely add to that later as well. And give her a break on not having ten yet - she's not even ten years old yet. Give her time. I predict an extraordinary life for her. :)

EDIT: 11. Been in a Denny's while it was closed.

The difficult thing here, of course, is that I have to pick things that no one on my friends list has done. Which cuts out a whole bunch of my wacky adventures because, um, I'm with yendi a lot.
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