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My Birthday

I'm still shy about asking for stuff... *hides*

*stops hiding*

Okay. Backstory for the new kids: I have always wanted a corset. Never had one. At Arisia, I tried one on that actually fit. I marvelled at this.

Lo, it is shiny. And will be special-made, because the one I tried on was an 18". I'm tiny. And it has room for me to shrink even further, and room for me to grow, and I covet it mightily.

It was actually elionwyr's idea to put up a PayPal button to ask for contributions toward the purchase of said corset for my birthday. Which is Wednesday. Blame her. :)

Anyway! If you want to see me in this corset (there will be pictures), please throw me a little money towards it? This is also a great option for an inexpensive gift. Any amount you can give rocks.

*bows grandiosely* Many thanks unto you. I'm going to go collapse on the couch now.

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