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My day = variations on a theme, that theme being "don't fall asleep because you could miss the call from the neurologist".

The neuro's nurse called back at 2, mind. This had me all hopeful. She took my laundry list of complaints and said that she'd confer with the doctor and call me back.


*is still waiting*

I dozed on the couch. Briefly? I think so. Elayna assures me that the phone didn't ring.

It sucks to have a whole day at home and not be functional enough to use it... I might be stuck here again tomorrow, and if I am, oh, we are screwed, financially. I may be able to cover one day with the tattered shreads of my sick and vacation time (we don't get 'em new in January, we accrue 'em). Not two. And I need to cover last Thursday, the day I lost to the DMV and SSA, as well. My plan on that was simply to work an hour extra every day this week, but now I'm faced with covering 12 hours instead of 4. And even if I get to go in Thursday and Friday - if I feel like this, there's no way I can do extra work.

So fucked. So very fucked.
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