Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
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I am feeling terribly nervous about my impending photo shoot.

This nervousness has absolutely nothing to do with the photographer; matter of fact, I wouldn't do it with anyone but photognome. I trust him utterly. And he's incredibly talented, and always makes me look good. *points to icon* And I know I'll be comfortable once we get started. Just - I am self-conscious. I am not pretty; rather I am intelligent and fierce, which goes farther for one than prettiness anyway, but I fret about pictures because, y'know, what if I have stupid hair?

*has flash of hair hatred*

But I want to get pictures taken, if only because now all of the ones from the last shoot are inaccurate - and I like my body better now. Quite a lot. I feel more comfortable in my own skin; I match my mental image. My body looks as 'song-bodies are meant to.

But I don't like my face. And I have stupid hair.


Anyway. Dinner now.
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