Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

*grinds teeth*

Need new Girl Scout troop. Need new Girl Scout troop.

Took her to Thinking Day. They'd bought the tickets in advance - but not in advance enough to give to the girls before tonight. So we're waiting in a crowd at the front. I send Adam back to talk to the troop leader, ask about tomorrow and what time to pick her up tonight.

Her response? "Well, I thought ['song] was volunteering tonight!"

No, bitch, you did not. Because this is your new favorite thing to do - see me the day before an event, or the night of an event, and say that you thought I was volunteering, or hassle me for not volunteering.

Here is a news flash. You seem to have actually gotten the message earlier this year. I do not know why the message faded. But here you go:


Yes, all the fucking time.

When I feel well, sure, I'll stay and pitch in.

Me: "I volunteered for this last year."
Adam: "You saved their asses last year."

I can't do it this year. Had I received any sort of request for volunteers, and then decided to and offered to volunteer, I wouldn't have taxed my system to hell and back yesterday and today. I'd've taken it easy, and stayed home and rested this afternoon in particular. As it is, my stomach is still terribly twisty. I'm standing in the doorway, so weak that I'm barely managing to stay upright, trying not to move because I am Just. That. Nauseous.

No. I am not fucking volunteering.

I've volunteered for one thing this year. Cookie booth sales. I can do that, because I can be sitting down. I have told her that I can't be the Person In Charge there, but she is ignoring that too. I plan to impress it on her tomorrow, when people are supposed to be signing up for places, dates and times. She's way overextended the troop. Four locations in a several-hour period. The troop is not that big. Plus she only ordered 20 cases. She's on crack.

And I know she's going the whine about my lack of volunteerism the second weekend of cookies sales, and try to claim that I did volunteer, but no. I made it very clear that I'm first-weekend-only, because the second weekend is Elayna's birthday weekend. Her party is that Saturday. I'm not calling off the child's birthday party so she can sell more cookies. She's their top seller every goddamn year, and then they misuse the funds for stupid shit and take their little trips in the summer when my daughter - who's the only reason they can afford to take the trips - isn't here to go with them.

I'm sick. Okay? I'm sick. I can try to work around that, but I need more than 30 seconds notice. And I volunteered a lot last year. And my daughter's cookie sales keep this fucking troop running. So lean on someone else. Someone who's not about to puke on your shoes.

New troop. Right after cookie sales, I think. The fact that put her in this troop - that most troops meet weekday afternoons - is no obstacle now that I work part-time, and there's another troop in her school. A friend of hers just joined it.

I don't like being ambushed with shit. Especially when the bitch is lying. Again. And the day that I found out that she kept my daughter from going to the Father/Daughter dance for the second year in a row.
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