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Happy birthday to holme, littlebuhnee, mrfurious, and ottercat!

Happy early birthday to chelona, aaronace, chrisv, and nihilistic_kid!

Hello to new readers filmzombie74, lvx, perfect_drug, and ucanbmysomeone!

*pops pills now*

Adam's feeling better, though, and should be back to work next week.

EDIT: Face hurts. Tongue feels thick. So tired and brainweird. Severely nauseous. Splitting headache. EDIT: Wow. I really feel like shit. *prays to get back from the DMV early enough to call her doctor*

Way overextended myself yesterday, with all of the running around to governmental offices bullshit. I am at negative spoonage. And I have to go back to the DMV today. And the a girl scout event tonight.

Girl Scouts
An e-mail I just wrote:

Good morning, [Service Unit Director]!
I'm e-mailing you to beg for a favor. This is the second year in a row that we have turned in our forms and money for the Father/Daughter dance and our troop leader (troop #21461) has held onto them for over a month. When she turns them in, of course, there isn't any room for us!
My daughter was devastated last year, as she looks forward to this event all year. I haven't told her yet that the troop leader just did it again this year. Is there room for just one more couple?

I am so sick of this bullshit. So sick of it.

Dark red turtleneck. "Star" socks (Art Nouveau design, movie star, word "star"). *peeks* Plain black undies. Boring.

Short Happy Life of the Brown Oxford, assorted magazines.

DMV and Girl Scout Thinking Day today. And writing my now-overdue column!
Resting and housecleaning tomorrow.
Photo shoot with photognome Sunday afternoon!

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