Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

Valentine's Day!

Happy birthday to azagthoth, and to LJless Jeff S!

Hello to new readers cyber_pagan, fujerica, touchofscarlet, and wyspurr, and returning reader vanuslux (hums "Hotel California")! All of whom I met this weekend, save fujerica and wyspurr. It was an action-packed weekend.

Adam is still sick, so I drove to work this morning, which means I just-now took my meds. So I'll update this part later. EDIT at 8:30: Vision upfucked. Coordination upfucked. Spacy.

My dad gave Elayna a cookie bouquet; we gave her Dragon Rider by Cornelia Funke. I gave Adam Sideways. The book. Because his love for the movie is... well, impressive in its intensity. He gave me a stuffed mooooose, a teeny bear that has disguised hisself as a tiny mooooose, a coffee mug, a fluggy pen with a piggy on it, and a tiny coffee candle.

Which makes me feel cheap, dammit - but I stuck to the budget! He did not stick to the budget! *shoots him a glare* *cuddles a moooose* *plans to buy him sushi on the way home*

EDIT: And just now an mp3 from kires, which I can't listen to - or reply to the e-mail - because I'm at work, but this is my reminder to do so as soon as I get home. Thanks!

Song that will be in my head all day
"Turn the radio up
For that sweet sound
Hold me close, never let me go...
Keep this feeling alive,
Make me lose control..."

Yeah. I don't know why people think I'm cool. I am so not cool. I belt out Eric Carmen in the elevator. "Baby, BABY.... when I look in your eyes, I go crazy..."

Black sweater with pink floral applique. Jeans, Docs, Supergirl panties. Silver heart earrings with pearl drops.

Yes, I am wearing pink. Yes, I bought something with pink on it. Because it fit me, that's why.
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