Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

The Comics Project

Slogged through D, E, and F just now.

This is what I am doing: I have, um, 16 boxes that are in order. I'm taking the comics from upstairs and integrating them. Then I'm taking the 10 boxes and several milk-crates that aren't in order and integrating them. I'm still on Stage 1, the upstairs comics.

We have some great stuff.

And we have some utter crap.

And we have a lot of methadone, as theferrett would call it.

The original Gen13 miniseries was fun stuff. But I really did not need to keep reading it for 40someodd issues.

Likewise its spinoff DV8 - I mean, it's Warren Ellis. For the first miniseries. And then... it is just not as good. But there was so much potential, and occasionally it lived up to it. Occasionally. But not often enough to justify buying the entire series.

The Dreaming. I'm sorry. I didn't like Kiernan on it. It had some great moments - the one-shot by Bill Willingham, for example. But everything Kiernan was merely "meh". And I waited for her to get good for what, 50 issues?

I am finding some "squee!" material. Galaxion, Zero Hour (the Patty Leidy indy comic, not the DC crossover), etc.

But... I found an issue of Cable.

I did not purchase this thing.

Which means that I married a man who purchased an issue of Cable.

Possibly on purpose.


Off to go through Girl Genius, Gunsmith Cats (another hit of methadone), etc...
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