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Tickled Pink

Skimming back through random LJs for no reason, I came upon something that ephrose had written for me some time ago (post is locked, but I have reprint permission):

Now, spooning Shade is almost reward enough. She's small. And has lots of girly curves. For a tall guy like me, this is perfect, it's like having a large friendly cat and a theme park curled up in front of you all at once. I couldn't help but slide my hands along her side and hip. Especially her hip... I've always enjoyed the waist of a girl lying on her side, and Shade's waist was especially sinuous. Her body seemed to be designed to snuggle into the nooks that my body left open. She seemed to like my attention, or at least, she wasn't stopping me.

'Tis fiction, and he's never met me, but he does know that I love spooning...

I just really love the cat/theme park line in particular. Because it is so me. :)
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