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Happy birthday to museumfreak and tidesong!

Hello to new reader angrythundergod!

Simply exhausted so far today. We'll see.

I'm living in two months at once. It's February's fault, dammit, for being 28 days long. I'm seeing, say, "Sunday the 13th" and thinking "Shit, I'm double-booked - museumfreak's birthday and cookie sales!" No, cookie sales are Sunday, March 13...

It sounds silly, but it really is brainfucking me, especially as these are both busy months. I really need to sit down and plan out my February and March.

Work contributes to this, as I am currently doing lots of stuff for spring, book orders for summer, and scheduling for fall.

Help! I don't know when I am!

So I had a bout of ignoring my instincts.

This time, at least, I was aware that I was ignoring my instincts. Instead of getting that twisty feeling in my stomach, the conflicting-data-so-I-must-be-wrong-but-I-know-I'm-not thing. This time, I knew I was right but set them aside anyway.

Which is still ungood. But is more self-aware. Baby steps.

I think I might be done with that now.

Black sweater with white cuffs and hem, jeans, Happy Bunny "i hate everything" panties, "It's All About Me" socks.

Still Hey Rube by Uncle Hunter; also The Short Happy Life of the Brown Oxford - short stories by Philip K. Dick. Just finished Perfect Circle, by Sean Stewart, which was... well. This may only make sense to half of you, if that. But... if things were the way the premise of the book presented them, this - the story - would be exactly the way it happens. Stewart is one of those authors whose books I seize as soon as they hit the marketplace and devour in one sitting.

Depending on health of family: hanging out with irana & co. tonight. dustyskinandall's show tomorrow. Taking Miss Kid to the High Museum on Sunday, then museumfreak's birthday thing.


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