Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

Thor's Day

Yep, same. Nauseous. Face hurts. Coordination off. Vision fucked.

I think maybe it is time to call the doctor.

I had high hopes. I was almost okay for a week or two...

And the thing is, this has been the best med so far for my thought process. I can think almost like I ought to be able to. But my body...

There shouldn't be an either/or. There might not be. But I'll have to go through yet another med shift, and possibly another one after that, ad nauseum, to find out.

The constant question: When do I give up? When do I settle? How much of this am I willing to put my body through in the hopes of finding The Magic Pill?

Rest will help. Yesterday was action-packed - lunch out, then the mall, then the supermarket, then errands at home...

To quote Aunt May: "You do too much. You're not Superman, you know."

And there was an impromptu kung-fu movie minimarathon at photognome's - Ong Bak and Kung Fu Shuffle. Yay for that! Somewhat less yay for getting to bed late, but y'know, I was screwed anyway... *laugh*

Going to have that photo shoot maybe next week. Need to decide what to wear. Any suggestions from people who are familiar with the contents of my closet? (Yes, I know, "nothing", settle down now.)

Yes, I cheated, but I'm actually going to be home earlier than 5 today, so I can actually sit down and do something.

I found it interesting that a theme emerged. I actually changed my mind about what to post after reading what many of the rest of you did with the prompt - Jeramie and Alanna are all well and good - well, not, but you know what I mean - but it would have been too much, you know?

Today's prompt:

You're standing in a doorway.
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