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Writing Prompt: "No."

Okay, I'm cheating; I wrote this a little while back. Just hadn't typed it up yet. But today's been a *really* busy day.

Background: After the Purges, Capri and Halloran were psychically and physically inseparable for some time. Even Donna gave up on trying to keep her from sleeping (chastely; she was 13) with him - she had nightmares when she was alone. Sleepcuddling became a habit, but it faded as time went by, and they spend most of their nights apart by now.

She's the only person who ever calls him by his given name, and she only ever does so when she's serious.


She knocked on his doorframe, and he looked up at her. His kiri. Her sleepshirt bared her calves; her red hair tumbled down past her shoulders. She looked so hesitant. It was almost like a double image:

Capri, his innocent little kiri.

Capri, the wanton woman-girl who was doing gods knew what with Kieran.

He cleared his throat. "What is it, honey?"

She bit her lip. "Can I stay with you tonight?"

"Sleep here?"


"Capri... I don't think that's such a good idea."

She paled. "But... why?"

He closed his eyes in an attempt to banish that second image. "You're... getting too old to sleep with a guy. Well - you know what I mean. To sleep with me."

"Donna's line," she half-laughed. "You've always disagreed with her, though."

"You weren't too old then. You are now."

"Is this - is this about Kier?"

"It... just is."

"Because - if it's about Kier - Daniel, if you don't want me to - if you don't like Kieran, or if you have a problem with me doing that kind of stuff with him, I won't."

He gave a low, sad laugh. "No, kiri. I'm not telling you not to do that."

"I won't. If you don't want me to. I promise." She was twisting the hem of the sleepshirt nervously. Oh, Capri. As forward as she was with everyone else, she always deferred to him. He often forgot how much power he wielded in that regard.

If he told her to wait, she would.

If he told her not to touch Kieran, she wouldn't.

Did he like Kieran? Not always. Kieran could be... arrogant sometimes.

But he wouldn't hurt Capri.
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