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Hm. One of the plumbers is kinda cute.

"I think I saw a porno like this once..."

Once again, like yesterday's eyeglasses post, I am killing time while people do work in the utility room fixing gas-leak problems.

There's a button on my desk that says "You cannot really appreciate Dilbert until you read it in the original Klingon".

Also, a Kali finger puppet, a stack of CDs, framed pictures of Shayara stuff, that scrap of paper that says "Our city is haunted by the living", a Shrek 2 bookmark, a Sharpie, the dock for my iPod... *looks around* On the shelf above my desk, there are several Buddhas made of various substances (brass, cinnabar, jade, plastic, etc.), Kinder "Happy Hippo" biscuits, a Moose Crossing sign - wouldn't that make a great band name? - a Swedish Chef finger puppet, Dawn and Marcus action figures, a Lennier doll, a hourglass, a Giant Microbe (cold virus), several penguins of the stuffed and/or squeezy persuasion, files of 3x5 cards with Shayara info, a mini White Star, Spooky: The Thing What Squeaks...

Stuff. Yeah.

Moose Crossing.
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