Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

Girl Scout Cookie Orders

Okay. This is what I've got.

If you want Girl Scout cookies, make sure that your name is on this list and that the order is correct! Please remember that I have brain damage!

This is getting turned in tonight.

kuangning: 6 Samoas, 6 Tagalongs, 10 Thin Mints.
avivasedai: 1 Do-Si-Do, 6 Samoas, 1 Tagalong, 4 Thin Mints.
beowabbit: 1 Tagalong, 9 Thin Mints.
bitsyboo: 1 Samoa, 1 Tagalong, 1 Thin Mint.
brokensiren: 2 Samoas, 2 Thin Mints.
cislyn: 1 Samoa, 2 Tagalongs, 2 Thin Mints.
dark_blade:3 Samoas, 1 Thin Mint.
demetria23: 2 Tagalongs, 1 Thin Mint.
docorion: 1 Trefoil, 2 Samoas, 1 All-About.
enchant: 1 Tagalong, 1 Thin Mint.
enderfem: 2 Lemon Coolers, 2 Trefoils, 2 Samoas, 2 Double Dutch, 2 Thin Mints.
frawg_angel: 3 Tagalongs, 2 Thin Mints.
terracinque: 1 Samoa, 2 Tagalongs, 1 Thin Mint.
gwynraven: 2 Samoas, 3 Thin Mints.

ian_gunn: 1 Do-Si-Do, 1 Tagalong, 1 Thin Mint.
triskadekaphile: 10 Thin Mints.
manifestress: 2 Trefoils, 2 Samoas, 4 Thin Mints.
katster: 1 Samoa, 1 Tagalong, 1 Thin Mint.

kungfoogirl: 4 Tagalongs.
molly_grue: 2 Trefoils, 2 Samoas.
moniqueleigh: 4 Do-Si-Dos, 1 Double Dutch, 3 Tagalongs, 4 Thin Mints.
emerald_ibis: 2 Lemon Coolers, 2 Thin Mints.
redfishie: 2 Samoas, 1 Thin Mint.
ringrrl416: 2 Samoas, 2 Tagalongs, 1 Thin Mint.

taiste: 5 Thin Mints.
gythiawulfie: 4 random boxes to be donated.
zeyr: 6 Tagalongs.

Okay. If you're not here and you should be, TELL ME! If your order is incorrect, TELL ME!

And I'm operating under the assumption that "peanut butter patties" are Tagalongs, which are peanut butter on a flat cookie then covered with chocolate, rather than Do-Si-Dos, which are just a peanut butter sandwich cookie, no chocolate. If I'm wrong, tell me!

Okay. I go now.
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