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How I Feel About Valentine's Day

Every Valentine's Day, when I was a kid, I'd run eagerly to the kitchen table 'pon waking. Every year I'd have a bit of candy and a small stuffed animal, and my mom would have a bigger stuffed animal. Because Dad loves Valentine's Day.

So for me, it's less about presents for your lover, and more about presents for people you love.

Every Valentine's Day now, Dad sends Elayna a Valentine's Day package - usually a shirt, a little stuffed animal, a piece of jewelry. or something from The Popcorn Factory. And I give her a little something as well - a little candy, maybe a sparkly bath gel.

Like Dad, I love giving my loved ones presents. Unlike Dad, my tendency to do so is restrained only by my budget - and, in Elayna's case, by need to keep from utterly spoiling her!

So yes, I give my "sweeties" gifts - but it's not forced and Hallmarky. It's an excuse to do what I want to do anyway. :)
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