Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

Dear 'song,

Do not mistake "having a decent week, medically" with "all better now".

Remember that even if one is "all better now", lugging around all of the comic boxes for the big weeding and integration project is not an inconsiderable amount of physical labor.



Yes, all of them. And all of the random stacks of comics, too. Because the lack of organization is driving me batshit crazy.

Everything is getting yanked out of wherever it is. Things that were never alphabetized will be alphabetized.

And there will be weeding. Oh, yes. There will be weeding.

If we have something in trade paperback, we do not need the original issues. (Unless they're autographed.)

If something sucked, we do not need it. (Full run of The Dreaming, anyone?)

So! We get organized, we maybe make some money selling doubles and stuff we don't need, and we regain a little extra space. Which will be taken by incoming comics, sure, but these days we're trying to wait for the trade on anything we're sure will have a trade. Because we know ourselves - we know we'll buy the trade anyway. And the trade is cheaper. And easier to re-read.

But this is a huge insane project, y0.

The ice storm prevented us from going to a comic shop to buy more boxes, but we've ordered some, so I should be able to get on with alphabetization and integration later this week. I figure two shortboxes a day is a decent goal. I can't do any weeding without Adam. Well, except for the "we have this in trade" stuff and the "all manga rox - oh, wait, that sucked" stuff.

But. Today's setup = a little much. The backs of my legs are all trembly, even.
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