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Girl Scout cookies

226 boxes sold so far; a little less than half of last year's 504.

Why? Because I'm tired. :) Last year, the year before (400 boxes), I've been a tireless cheerleader, pushing and pushing and selling and selling!

This year, I simply sent out the single e-mail to my office and left the order form on my desk... I didn't push many people as they walked by.

This year, I only mentioned it a few times on LJ. I honestly didn't even keep track of how many boxes she was selling, wheras in past years, I've been rabid about that!

I don't have the energy for this. *rueful grin*

She's surprised that she hasn't sold as many as last year, but I pointed out to her that she has not been selling them; I've been too tired to relentlessly push, but y'know what? It really isn't my job. So she's seeing how she has to go out and do this.

How many of the 226 did she sell? 30. Heh.

I was going to take her door-to-door today, but it's below freezing, and I so am not doing that. :) Next year. Next year I also won't have wiped myself out at Arisia at the start of cookie sale week!

So this'll be her first year of not being top seller - so this should encourage her to get out and sell next year, y'know?

I do think she has a chance of hitting 300; we haven't heard back from my birthfamily or Adam's mom yet, and there are several of you on LJ who said you were going to order and haven't gotten around to it yet. E-mail me today or tomorrow if you want to order!

Heh. I'm tired. Learning curve. Not the mom I used to be.
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