Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong


Happy birthday to rubrchick, and happy early birthday to angryvixen!

Hello to more-new-readers-I-met-at-Arisia jenphalian and phoenix1701!

I have so many hot chicks on my friends list. And hot guys. And at Arisia, man, I was just surrounded by them. It is SO GOOD to be the 'song sometimes. So good.

Face hot and tingly, sinuses painfully clear. Vision slightly weird & tunnelly.

Reason #11 to move to Boston - they have this thing there that Atlantans have never heard of. It's called insulation. It can be 10 degrees out there and yet, when you get out of bed, you don't howl in pain when your feet hit the floor. Which is very not the case here.

Buy Cookies!
Girl Scout Cookies are on sale through Sunday, January 30! I actually don't know how many she's sold. I am teh suck. I just - energy, man. But please buy. We deliver.

Blue turtleneck sweater (although the bite marks are starting to fade), jeans, Hello Kitty panties, Strawberry Shortcake socks.

Hey, life is too short for boring underwear.

Hey, Rube, a collection of Hunter S. Thompson's columns for; From Eroica With Love, Vol. 2; the backlog of magazines that came in while I was at Arisia.

My friend is sick, so no visit this weekend. :( This means no actual plans, I think. With means herding cats getting Adam and Elayna to help me clean up the mess they made while I was at Arisia.

I really want to see House of Flying Daggers, so if anyone wants to go, please consider bringing me, 'k?

Thank you, drive through!
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