Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

I take a more active role in my dreaming. Guiding. Directing.

And that's how I find Edward.

Unlike Kai, Richard, David - unlike any of the others - Edward is modern. He lives in a city.

He lives in the city.

Oh, I remember.

What's frustrating is that, although I can guide myself to dream of Edward, I cannot guide Edward. These are his memories. I can't make him go into the castle at the heart of the city...

There is a grove in the heart of the castle. It's one of my few clear memories from Kai - awakening in the grove. But I can't make Edward go there.

But what I do discover...

This city is home. It's where I started, back when I was Kai. It's where we all started. It's where Edward lived, where he was - Kithrayn.

From what I can work out, a Kithrayn is like a king. A ruler, but not an absolute one; the Kithrayns, Kithrayas, are ruled over by the Lishaya.

If she ever returns, Edward mused.

Edward lived in that city. The first city. The birthplace.


And through his eyes, I saw Lara - or, rather, the girl who had been Lara when I'd been Kai. Then I was Edward, and she was Donna.

Edward's life could not have ended that long ago, if this was reincarnation as I understood it. Seventeen years. And Donna was so young in Edward's eyes.

Lara - Donna - must still be alive.

I could find her.

If I could find Shayara.
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