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Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

My child and inappropriate content

On the way home, she was singing along with the iPod. I have discovered that she does not sing inappropriate words. She self-censors. She did not sing the word "hell" in Flogging Molly's "Rebels of the Sacred Heart".

I wouldn't have been upset with her if she did sing it, mind. It's a song. It's not like she's using it around the house. But no, she hits her internal mute button, and picks up the song on the very next word.


Elayna: "Do you know about the book It? It has one thousand one hundred and four pages?"
Me: "By Stephen King?"
Elayna: "You know Stephen King?"
Me: "Yeah. Why do you know Stephen King?"
Elayna: "A bunch of the boys in class are reading Stephen King. J. is reading It."
Me: "Well... I don't think that's a great idea. Those aren't books for kids."
Elayna: "Why?"
Me: "There's just some very adult content in there."
Elayna: "Yeah. I don't want to read Stephen King."
Me: "Okay, cool."
Elayna: "They use the d-word in there. Not 'darn'. The real d-word."
Me: "Uh-huh."
Elayna: "And it talks about breasts."
Me: "How do you know this?"
Elayna: "J. tried to make me read it, and when I wouldn't, he read it out loud, and it was something about offering a breast. And I just think that's really inappropriate for us to be reading."
Me: "I would have to agree. And he shouldn't be reading that to you when he knows you don't want to hear it."
Elayna: "Yeah. I don't like people reading that stuff, because then they read it out loud, and it's inappropriate to read stuff out loud about a lady offering a man her breast."

She was visibly uncomfortable. So I recommended that she talk to her teacher. As I told her as the conversation progressed, we can't control what other people read, but there are things that shouldn't be discussed in a fourth-grade classroom.

I'm not one of those people who'd be screaming "sexual harassment!!!" if a boy kissed her on the cheek, as seems to happen in many schools these days. But my kid shouldn't have to listen to some kid reading a sex scene out loud.

Hm. Now that I'm writing it, it sounds even worse. I think I'll call the teacher.

And in just-plain-bad-words news, the book also used the word "fucking", so now I've defined that one for her.

Ah, kids.
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