Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong


I shall be 31.

You may start planning now.

Friday night, I was walking down the hall on the dealer's floor, and one of the people I was hanging out with directed my attention to a place that looked like it was selling clothing. "No one ever makes anything small enough for me," I said dismissively and continued on my way.

"Hey! Who said that?"

I turned to see the vendor. Oh. "Me!"

"I'm going to prove you wrong. Get in here."

And that is how brute_force ended up lacing me into a corset just like this one, but black-on-black. Eighteen-inch-waist. And he directed me to the mirror.

Oh, purr.

Dear reader, the word I keep using to describe myself in this corset is improbable. The human body generally doesn't do that unless one removes a few ribs. Just - dude. I loved it.

Price tag? A little much. Not for the corset! Just for my personal budget!

It was suggested that I put up a PayPal button then and there, while I was in the room, to raise the money. elionwyr offered me $20 on the spot. :)

And we didn't do that. But we thought maaaaybe doing it for my birthday. Help me buy my very first corset!

I'm not doing it right now today. I'm just musing over it.

I just really like the way I look in that thing.

It's actually looking like I'm going to have two birthday parties - one here, the week of my actual birthday, and one in Boston, later in March. beowabbit and docorion and I, we have Fiendish Plans.

I just really like having birthdays. :)
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