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Still best con evar.

What I like about Arisia is that it isn't insanely overprogrammed. And that the hotel isn't packed to overflowing.

It's like the anti-Dragoncon.

The free wifi doesn't hurt either. I'm currently enjoying that little feature outside of the (closed) tech room, sitting here with envoy. People are lining up for the Masquerade, which leaves the rest of this as a quiet little party con - yay! (I may never go back to DragonCon.)

I have been having a fabulous giddy glee!!! timje and a wonderfully relaxing time all at once. Paradoxical, no? I'm just having fun roaming around here and just seeing and hanging out with people. I wish it could last longer...

...and it might, seeing as we have a blizzard warning til 6 PM tomorrow.

Have I mentioned that my plane is supposed to take off at 5:30?


Winter wonderland, y'all. I can't tell the street from the sidewalk anymore. It's fascinating.

So we'll see if I get home on schedule. :)

So many highlights so far - and I've taken Envoy's laptop for long enough! So, just - having a wonderful time. Wish you were here. Seriously. :)
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