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Mad Science

Elayna is having a Mad Science birthday party!

Part of the benefit of this: The kids get to do a bunch of projects... including two things to take home. So I don't have to do goodie bags. Well, I'll get bags, but I don't have to fill them with stuff. Yay!

So, my idea: a CD. Science-themed, of course. There aren't enough science songs out there, so I'll have to do some non-science stuff... but I'd like to have as many science-themed songs as possible.

Which is where you come in, dear reader.


The songs we have so far:

* "Weird Science", Oingo Boingo
* "She Blinded Me with Science", Thomas Dolby
* "The Sun", They Might Be Giants

We need more.

All songs must be appropriate for ten-year-olds, and preferably upbeat and attention-holding. TMBG's "For Science", for example, has science stuff - but is a bit too far out for the kids.

Hit me!
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