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My child is driving me batshit crazy today.

She has been superglued to my side all. day. I woke up at 9. She has been on me since then. "Mommy, can we play the Lemony Snicket game?" "After coffee and breakfast." "Now?" "Still having coffee and breakfast." "Now?" "Still having coffee and breakfast."

So okay. Lemony Snicket game. Went through the Girl Scout badge book, determined what she'd already accomplished - which was a lot in plants/animals/ecology, thanks to her gardening club. And now she's deciding what two activities to do before we play the Lemony Snicket game again. Because she has yet to earn a badge as a Junior Girl Scout. Which is partly the fault of the troop leader, but y'know, she should be doing stuff at home too.

And she is ready now. So! That, then Lemony Snicket, then I get to poke her to practice her flute. Then maybe I get to take a walk.

This is why I squeak my 2HC columns in just on time.

A contributing factor to the crankiness: I've just now gotten functional. I reacted really badly to my meds today. Like stumbling-like-a-drunk badly. But I'm okay now. Second day in a row of that, though. Gets old.

Doing an activity with Elayna will be fun, though. More than this endless page-turning and "Dude, have you done this? Identify five constellations for me."
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