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Request for Help

wakingdreaming, aka Matt from the Tamson House mailing list, needs help!

Everything below the dotted lines is written by him.

Good luck, Matt. *hugs*


Hey folks, I wouldn't ordinarily do this, but my girlfriend and I are in a situation that's getting worse all the time and we really need help to fix it.

What's going on is that Corinne and I are living in Maine right now, in a place where we haven't been able to find a job for either of us in over a year. We live in a small town with not a lot of businesses (and they don't hire very often) and we don't even have a vehicle that would help us to look for work in a more widespread area. My family has absolutely refused to help us out in any way. They won't give us rides anywhere most of the time no matter how great the need we have. They won't help us out with money to get a car or to move anywhere else. My Mother is an extremely conservative Christian and I think she won't help us because we are living together before marriage. My friends are unreliable and either can't or won't help us out more than once in a very great while.

Corinne is missing her family back in Montana very badly. She hasn't seen them in over a year and she'd like to move back to Montana to be closer to them. I want to go with her and the only thing holding us back from moving is our lack of money.

We've been living on the money I get for my disability, which just barely covers rent, bills, and feeding us every month. We have essentially no way to save any money at this point. Corinne's family plans to help us out with money to move as much as possible but they are working class folks and they don't know just how much money they'll be able to give or loan us yet.

If we can move, Corinne's family will be able to co-sign on a loan for a vehicle for us. They'll be able to help us get around until we CAN get a car. Plus, where they live in Montana has a much better job market than we have here in Maine currently. So we'd almost certainly be much better off if we moved, and much happier.

So I'm going out on a limb here and asking for the kindness of strangers. Here's what we have figured out:

We could take Greyhound to Montana for a total of $238. However, we wouldn't be able to take our cats with us. Plus, we both have back problems which make it difficult to travel such long distance on a bus. It would do, though, if it turns out to be all we can afford.

We could take Amtrak for a total of $311. We still couldn't take our cats with us but it would be a little more comfortable for traveling long distance.

We could fly for $786 total. And we could take our cats with us for $160 extra (plus whatever we have to pay for vet bills, carrying cases, etc), which would make it $946 (again, plus whatever extras we have to do for the cats).

We could ship all our important stuff from here to there for probably about $500, give or take, depending on how much we can give away or sell.

We've looked into other options, like renting a U-Haul or something, but it all comes out far more expensive. The above options seem to be our cheapest.

My Mom will take of our cats for us if we can't take them with us right away. She loves animals and we completely trust her with them. But we would miss our furry kids badly, and we think they would miss us too, if we had to leave them here long. We could eventually fly back to get them and them bring them back to Montana, but it might be months before we could afford it, and we really don't want to leave them. It's really important to us to have our cats with us if we can.

So I'm asking, if anyone is willing, and has a couple dollars to spare, we would be extremely thankful if you would be willing to donate it to our "Moving Fund." Corinne has a PayPal button in her LiveJournal userinfo at or if anyone wants to send us money any other way, they can e-mail us at wakingdreaming at gmail dot com or queenofknives at gmail dot com.

Thanks everyone.

EDIT: By the way, would you mind putting up a small edit that says we'd also be
willing to do the whole "car relay" thing that someone suggested in your
lj? It's from Gardiner, Maine to Helena, MT. And anyone willing to help
out that way would need to be willing and able to take two passengers,
two cats in carriers, a wheelchair, and at least a small amount of
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